Dueck Manufacturing is an owner-operated CNC machine shop located in Nanaimo, BC. While we're relatively new on the scene, we've been working in machining and fabrication for years. As a small business, we have the opportunity to devote time and attention to your project, ensuring it is completed to your specifications. We work within your timeline so you get the parts you need when you need them.


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Competitive Pricing, Knowledgeable and Friendly

Good working knowledge of current machining processes, technologies, and tooling. diligent and responsible with responding to customer needs. Acts quickly, completing jobs with significantly less lead time than standard machine shops.

Quick turnaround

Quality production parts - you can count on each part working out. Good attitude about making changes. Very friendly.

Willing to work with challenging materials

Positive approach and attitude on difficult machining projects. This is extremely valuable when trying to prototype new design concepts as many shops aren’t willing to even attempt some of the jobs we send. I think one of your strengths is in working with customers on these difficult features/tolerances and mitigating risks (eg: determining how many sample blanks you need for testing or working around how many you can have and being proactive with ordering tooling asap)


Good understanding of tolerances - can point out issues before machining to provide back to designer (initial tweaks to save money later)


Whether you’re looking to have a single prototype made, or large runs of several parts, Dueck Manufacturing can accommodate any and all project requests. We have experience not only with machining parts, but understanding multiple different coating processes and assembly giving a nuanced understanding of how different machining processes effect parts down the line. Just get in touch below to chat with us about your requirements.

Currently serving multiple industries from medical to marine and everything in between

Machine parts, hardened parts at 50 Rockwell to Teflon plastics and everything in between

Machine complex parts in single operations, prototypes and high volume production


If you have a custom project in mind, or would like to discuss our services and capabilities, feel free to reach out using the form below, or email or call directly.